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Our company prides itself on a passion for innovation. We work closely with machine manufacturers to create the very best machinery and bring the latest innovations to our customers ahead of the competition.

Over the years we have produced over 11,000 samples for customers. All new samples can be catered for, contact us today to find out how we can add value to your products.

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established 1966


Our story begins in 1966 when the business was created by Bhangwandas Harjani, the father of Ashok Harjani, company managing director. Initially specialising in shirting fabrics, they produced from one silk mill.


Exploiting the export markets.

‘Premco Industries’ as it was known back then saw opportunity in the international markets and began producing export garments. At this time a new manufacturing plant was required.


A new head office.

Premco’s current head office was built in Andheri, Mumbai. Back then it was a multipurpose property, with office spaces and machines for manufacturing. Nowadays this building houses a design, accounting and customer service team, and is used by senior management day to day.


A change of direction.

Premco began its venture into manufacturing high-quality woven, knitted Elastic and rigid narrow fabric and tape products designed for use in industry-specific applications in the apparel, lingerie, sports-related, medical, footwear, luggage and automotive fields.

At this time, only 4 looms were operated. Now Premco has around 200 looms, with every model capable of at least 5 times the output of one original machine.


A new factory is needed.

Premco invests funds to build a new factory in Palghar of India, 100 miles north of Mumbai. This new factory doubles employment to around 200 people.


Further expansion is necessary.

A new factory is opened in Vapi in India, boosting daily output and employment.


Premco becomes publicly listed and opens state of the art facility.

The decision is made to list on the (BSE) Bombay Stock Exchange to fund a new state of the art production and testing facility in Dadra, India. This facility was fully specified with the best machines and laboratory testing equipment at the time, and has undergone major renovation and new machines since then. It remains an impressive facility today.

This factory boosted employment at Premco by approximately 200 people.


Further expansion of production facilities.

Premco opens new facilities in Vapi, to cater for increasing demand for its products.



The decision was made to move to Vietnam to provide for a growing market both domestically and internationally. This plant has over 150 employees, making it one of the largest elastics manufacturers in Vietnam.