Premco Global

QC and testing

Quality Control and Testing

Premco's commitment to quality begins at the earliest pre-production stages…We utilise our in house laboratories to ensure our factories are producing the best product, every time.

A testing and stringent standards review for all raw material components help achieve the desired result.


By incorporating a dual testing process, using in-house lab testing facilities and internationally accredited testing houses, Premco maintains well above international guidelines for the following:

  1. Stretch

    2. Appearance (after dry-clean)

    3. Modulus

    4. Wicking or quick-absorption

    5. Recovery

    6. Anti-Microbial

    7. Formaldehyde

    8. Load Elongation

    9. pH Level

    10. Colour fastness to Crocking

    11. AZO Colorants

    12. Color fastness to laundering

    13. Shrinkage (after wash)

    14. Color fastness to Light

    15. Shrinkage (after dry-clean)

    16. Color fastness to Chlorine bleach

    17. Appearance (after wash)

    18. Workmanship and Elastic Construction.